Northchurch Community Policing

For more information about your Safer Neighbourhood Team and to find out vital crime prevention advice visit

Please note that the old 0845 non-emergency number has been replaced with the new 101.
This is the number you should dial in all non-emergencies, but of course in an emergency always dial 999.
(The old 0845 number can still be used as well as the 101 but will be phased out over the coming year).

Kim or Stuart can be contacted either via email to or or telephone Kim on: 07923 282417

The Parish Council has a representative who liaises with the police on a regular basis regarding issues within Northchurch. They can be contacted via the clerk.

Neighbourhood Watch

There are over 9,400 Neighbourhood and other Watch Schemes in Hertfordshire.

Watch members are kept informed by OWL – the Constabulary’s On-line Watch Link. You don’t have to be in a Watch scheme to be kept informed. You can sign up for free to Community Messaging by logging on to the link below

Useful Information

Bike Marking

The local police have recently been promoting bike marking and are happy to mark the bikes of anyone that contacts them. It is done using an engraver so it is possible for other outdoor equipment to also be marked for security. Please contact Kim or Stuart for further advice and information using their contact details above.

Distraction burglaries

  • Don’t let anyone into your home if you are not expecting them
  • Criminals sometimes wear uniform type clothing and claim to need access to your home to check water/gas/electricity. If you are unsure, do not open your door and call the police on 101 if you are suspicious.
  • Check their identity by telephoning one of the following numbers (don’t use the telephone number they may provide):
  • Water 0845 782 3333
    Gas 0800 393 499
    Electricity 0800 015 2221
    BT 0800 321 999

    Ensure all sheds are securely locked when not in use and that no ladders are left outside or easily accessible for burglars to use.

    Domestic Abuse

    A quarter of all violent crime reported to police is domestic violence. If you are suffering any type of abuse by your partner or someone else close to you, free, confidential help and advice is available.

    Hertfordshire Domestic Abuse Helpline
    Tel: 08 088 088 088 (open between 10.00am-10.00pm Monday to Friday).

    Contact 0845 33 00 222 for specialist officers experienced in helping victims or for 24/7 on-line support and help contact