Some allotments are currently available - call 01442 876911

Northchurch allotments are on two sites on Northchurch New Road (the B4506).

The lower site, which is between the Grand Union Canal and the River Bulbourne, has 33 plots, some sub-divided.  All plots are let and in cultivation and there is a waiting list.

The upper site, which is north-west of the West Coast Mainline, has 50 plots, some sub-divided. The Parish Council also lets part of the upper site to SSRT (our litter collector and general duty contractor) and Sunnyside. Part of the SSRT plot is used by Mr Smith for a garden centre. This is also the access to the mast which 02 have situated in the northern corner of the site.

The allotments are managed by Northchurch Parish Council who has a committee which consists of three members of Northchurch Parish Council and two representatives from the Northchurch Allotment Association (as well as non-voting representatives from the tenants). The Northchurch Allotment Association (NAA) was formed when the allotments were handed over to Northchurch from Berkhamsted some 20 years ago and the marriage between the NPC and NAA organisations seems to work very well. The two NAA members are responsible for keeping the committee advised on how well the plots are being looked after and act as a bridge between the allotment holders and the Parish Council Committee.

The NAA, as indicated above, was formed by the plot holders to look after their interests. It holds social events and growing competitions and publishes a newsletter. It has a committee of nine plot holders which is elected every year; these include the two representatives who sit on the Parish Council’s Allotment Committee.

The NAA Committee is always ready to give informal growing advice to plot holders and contact details of the committee are available on each site.

As of 2017, basic rent is £30 for a full plot and £19 for a half plot. The cost of water for use with hand-held hoses is included in the rent. There is an extra fee for plot holders who live outside the Northchurch Parish of £6 for a full plot and £3 for a half plot. The residents of Northchurch have priority in the waiting list for allotment allocation.  Rents and subscriptions are payable to the Parish Council on payment of rent which is usually requested in October of each year.

Should you want an allotment, please contact the Parish Clerk at the Parish Office,

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